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March 2021

List of Slots Sites online sites

  • Cop Slots
  • Pinball Slots
  • Slots Kingdom
  • Aztec Wins
  • Incredible Spins
  • Rocket Slots
  • Slots Animal
  • Win British
  • Hyper Slots
  • Pirate Slots
  • Takeaway Slots
  • Target Slots
  • Temple Slots
  • Play Magical
  • Aladdin Slots

Summing up Slots Sites by Slotso

What is the best online slot site in the UK?

That is precisely what Slotso aim to discover! We list the very best online slots sites in the UK so that you can see for yourself which is best.
What makes a great slot site really depends on what you love. If you adore free spins and bonus codes, a site that has lots of promotions would be perfect for you. Or if you like to play bingo as well as slots, a site that offers both will fit you well.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which site you think is the best! Luckily, Slotso picks out some of the most popular and enjoyed sites in the UK, so you can explore and choose your favourite!

Can you win money on online slot sites?

We’ve all heard stories of someone who hit a lucky spin and won thousands… but is that true? Well, online slots are gambling, and with all gambling, some players win, and some players don’t. It is certainly true that players have hit mega jackpots and won prizes in the six-figure range, though that doesn’t happen to every player!

You can win money, though. Most online slot sites will let you deposit and bet real money for a chance to win real money. You can also play with bonus on many sites.

The most important thing is to always play safely, and never bet more than you can afford.

How do you win on online slots?

The magic question… is there a way to work out the patterns on online slots so that you win? Well, no, unfortunately not. Slot games work by using a Random Number Generator. This will spit out random number sequences that determine where the reels land.

This means that slot machines do not ‘remember’ if they paid out recently, or what they landed on last. They cannot tighten or loosen up depending on when the last big win was. And unfortunately for all the would-be millionaires, they can’t be predicted!

That said, slot games do vary in how they play. You will find that some slot games have ‘little and often’ wins, whereas others are less likely to pay out, but have a much bigger prize at stake. This is called ‘slot volatility’, and you can look up high or low volatility slots to find a game that suits your style of play.

Are online slot games fixed?

Everyone who plays slots has likely at some point thought, “this must be a fix!”. Sometimes the game just isn’t going your way and every spin seems to be a loss. So, are online slot games fixed?

Not if you play at online slot sites that are properly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Sites that have a UK license must use a Random Number Generator that must be checked by the UKGC to ensure it is fair and not tampered with.

The risk of playing at an unlicensed casino is that no one is checking to make sure their games are fair and not fixed. To see if a site is licensed in the UK, look for the Gambling Commission logo and license info at the bottom of the homepage.

What is the most trusted online slot site?

The UK Gambling Commission only licenses sites to operate in the UK if it has tested them and found them fair, responsible, and using a legitimate Random Number Generator. This means that sites licensed to operate in the UK already have a stamp of trustworthiness. Some UK sites are also licensed in other countries like Gibralter, Alderney, or Malta. That means that two separate organisations have found the site trustworthy.

To protect players, Slotso only lists sites that are licensed to operate in the UK.

Which online slot sites have low wagering?

Wagering requirements are many players’ least favourite part of online slot sites. Wagering is basically something you have to do in order to turn bonus money into real cash that you can withdraw.

Luckily, many slot sites have lower wagering requirements, and some sites don’t have any wagering at all. These sites are called ‘cash-only’ sites, and as the name says, you will only ever play with cash and win cash, no bonus involved. Wagering tends to be higher on slots bonus and free slot spins than it does on bingo bonus.

To get an idea of a site’s wagering requirements, take a look at the T&Cs attached to the welcome offer.

Which online slot sites are legit?

To ensure that the site you have clicked on is legitimate and not a scam, check to see if it is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Only sites with a UKGC license are legally allowed to operate in the UK.

Sites that have a UK license will display this information on their homepage. Check the bottom of the page for the Gambling Commission logo and the license information. Slotso only lists sites that are licensed to operate in the UK.

Can I play bingo on an online slots site?

Many online slot sites also offer bingo! This is great news for those who like to mix up their games from time to time. Bingo rooms give players the chance to buy tickets for bingo games, and then join in the fun as the game runs!

If you love bingo as well as slots, check out which kinds of games your chosen site offers.

Can I play casino games on an online slots site?

Lots of slot sites also offer casino games as part of their catalogue. These might be video casino games, or some sites also offer live casino tables. For live casino, a dealer is on camera at a real table, and they run the game while you bet online from home.

More Info

  • Cop Slots

    From Jumpman Gaming, Cop Slots is an exciting slot site with hundreds of games and lots of promotions. The site is blue and gold, and offers slot and bingo games in an easy-to-use format. There are long running promotions available, as well as loyalty rewards and prizes to be won.

  • Pinball Slots

    Jumpman Gaming site Pinball Slots is colourful, neon, and fun. Its old-school arcade theme is great, and its slots are reassuringly modern. There are hundreds of slot games to browse and explore, as well as casino, live casino, and bingo. The promotions on the site look exciting too, with lots of different treats to enjoy.

  • Slots Kingdom

    Things are taking a turn for the medieval with Slots Kingdom from Jumpman Gaming. This site has a light colour scheme including blue, purple, and yellow, and the homepage is pleasant to look at thanks to its well-spaced layout. There are hundreds of slot games, as well as tonnes of exciting promotions to keep players...

  • Rocket Slots

    Rocket Slots is a truly back to basics design. Everything is about the games on this casino, with nothing in the way of unnecessary fripperies at all. The rocket itself is 1950s cartoon style, the sort Tintin would have been proud of while the casino backdrop is a plain deep blue.

  • Slots Animal

    Slots Animal from Jumpman Gaming is roaring onto the online gaming scene with a wild site. The colours are yellow and purple, and fierce animals adorn the homepage for a chaotic look. Slots Animal offers slot games, casino games, and bingo rooms, including large jackpot games. There are also plenty of promotions running, many of...

  • Win British

    Win British is a Jumpman slots site offering hundreds of slot games, lots of bingo rooms, and plenty of casino games, all accompanied by some fantastic promotions. The site features great photos of London’s most famous sights on the homepage to add some home-grown British charm.

  • Pirate Slots

    Sail the high seas in search of your fortune with Pirate Slots! Step on board to be welcomed with a great new player offer on this Jumpman site, and settle in for a voyage of fun and adventure. With over 500 games available, including slots, casino, and bingo, there is something for every landlubber on...

  • Takeaway Slots

    From Jumpman Gaming, Takeaway Slots is an exciting-looking site. With fireworks and bright lights on the homepage, players are grabbed instantly; luckily the site has the games to back up its initial flashy look. With over 500 games to choose from, players will be spoilt for choice. Slots, casino, and bingo are all available.

  • Temple Slots

    Betable site Temple Slots offers exciting slot and casino games in a great-looking site. The site’s colour scheme is dark green and gold, which looks really nice. There are no live casino tables available on the site, but there are lots of slot games and digital casino games.

  • Play Magical

    Betable site Play Magical offers players the chance to enjoy slot games in a sparkly, magical environment. The site offers tonnes of slot games to choose from, as well as plenty of promotions to go alongside. There is also customer support for players who have a question or need a hand.