Free Spins

August 2022

An introduction to Free Spins by Slotso

Many players would argue that the best thing about playing slots is the free spins, and we’re tempted to agree with them. After all, everything tastes better when it’s free, right? Explore the very best sites offering free spins here, and get ready to rock those reels.

List of Free Spins online sites

  • Buffalo Spins
  • Casushi
  • Rainbow Spins
  • Peachy Games
  • Express Wins
  • Dove Slots
  • Mr Play
  • Moon Games
  • Fever Slots
  • Slots Kingdom
  • Spy Slots
  • Win British
  • Pirate Slots
  • Temple Slots
  • Lit Wins

Summing up Free Spins by Slotso

What is the best online slot site that offers free spins?

Not all sites offer free spins, but of the ones that do, how do you know which are best? Well, what makes a slot site good really depends on what you personally like. If you love slots but also bingo, a site with a variety of games would suit you perfectly. If you like bonuses, somewhere that offers daily or frequent promotions will be your best bet.

To put it simply, slot sites are not simply one size fits all. Once you have a think about what exactly it is that makes your time on a slot site great (aside from winning of course!) you will know just what you are looking for.

We think that all of the slot sites listed here are fantastic, and even better, they all offer free spins from time to time.

What are free slot spins?

Free slot spins are a promotional tool that are used to treat players. They allow players to have a turn on a specific slot without spending any money. The spins are usually assigned to a single slot, and they will only work for this game.

Free spins are given to players in a number of ways. They may be given as part of a deposit code, and are commonly seen as part of a welcome offer. Free spins may also be dropped in lucky players’ accounts for free as a treat, if the site is feeling generous. They could also be given out as prizes in tournaments, competitions, or bingo rooms.

Keep an eye out for promotions offering free spins; they are a great way to try a game you might not necessarily want to commit money to without trialling.

How do I get free slot spins?

Free slot spins can be earned in a number of ways. Firstly, lots of sites give away free spins as part of their first deposit offer. Some sites even have a welcome package that covers multiple deposits, so there are some good opportunities for free spins as a new player. If you are lucky, you may even find a site that offers free spins as a registration incentive, no deposit required.

Once you are a fully fledged member on a site, your best bet for finding free spins is to keep an eye on the promotions. Many sites offer deposit codes with free spins attached. You may also find that free spins are included as a loyalty reward; check your site’s loyalty scheme to see if they give away free spins.

Are online slot sites a scam?

Sometimes you’re on an unlucky streak, and you can’t help but wonder… are slot games a fix after all? The simple answer is no, but in reality it is a little more complex than that.

Slot games use a Random Number Generator to spit out the results of each slot spin, and this RNG ensures that each and every spin result is completely random. RNGs don’t ‘remember’ if a big win was triggered recently or not; every spin is completely independent.

Sites must legally be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission if they want to accept UK players. The UKGC ensures that the sites are using a proper RNG, that their games are legitimate and fair, and that they are conducting their business legally and ethically. To ensure that the site you are playing on is not a scam, ensure that you choose one licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Can you win money from free spins?

Free spins are a nice perk, but can you actually win cash from them? When you accept free spins, there will be terms and conditions attached. These will tell you about how winning works. Some free spins have a maximum win cap; this is the most you will be allowed to win from the free spins.

With the exception of cash-only sites, winnings from free spins are usually given as bonus money. This bonus will need to be wagered before it can be withdrawn as cash. The wagering requirement will be listed in the T&Cs for the free spins.

Which online slot sites are safe?

With so many slot sites available to join, it can be tricky to know which are safe to join. After all, you are entering your personal details, as well as your financial information, and depositing money. The best way to find out if a slot site is safe is to check that it is properly licensed.

To accept UK players, a site must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If they are, this info will usually be displayed at the bottom of the homepage. Look for the license number and the Gambling Commission logo. Some sites will be licensed by multiple authorities, so as well as the UKGC info, you may see details of additional licenses from places like Malta, Gibraltar, Sweden, or Alderney.

Playing on a site that is not licensed means you have no guarantee that the site is safe. The games could be rigged, your details could be stolen, and you have no legal support from the UKGC if they do not license the site themselves. It is far safer to play on a properly licensed site.

Which online slot sites have low wagering?

A wagering requirement is something that comes as part of a bonus or free spins. It is a condition of the offer, and basically it tells you how to turn your bonus into cash that you can withdraw.

The wagering requirement can be found in the T&Cs of an offer, and is usually written like this: “10x”. What this tells you is that in order to convert this bonus and its winnings into cash, you have to wager ten times the amount of the original bonus (some sites calculate this as 10x the original bonus plus the deposit amount). If you receive a £5 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, you must bet £50 before your bonus and winnings will turn into cash that you can withdraw.

Many players prefer to avoid wagering requirements; good news, there are sites specifically designed for these players. Some sites offer low wagering requirements, but there are sites which offer a no-wagering promise and do all their transactions and promotions in cash. That means no bonus and no wagering requirements to get tangled up in; you will play with cash and win with cash, and any free spins will pay their winnings in cash too. To find a cash-only site, check the reviews.

Can I play bingo on an online slots site?

You will find that many sites offer both online slots and online bingo. While some slot sites are multi-product and some are slots only, we have never seen a bingo site that doesn’t offer lots of slots. If you love hopping between slots and bingo without having to change sites, consider a bingo site or a multi-game site for a great mix of games.

Can I play casino games on an online slots site?

Lots of slots sites also offer casino table games as part of their catalogue. Casino games will be in their own section of the games lobby, so it is work taking a look what your chosen site offers. Many sites will also have a live casino section where you can get the full casino experience.


Extra Details

  • Temple Slots

    Betable site Temple Slots offers exciting slot and casino games in a great-looking site. The site’s colour scheme is dark green and gold, which looks really nice. There are no live casino tables available on the site, but there are lots of slot games and digital casino games.

  • Win British

    Win British is a slot and casino haven from Jumpman Gaming. The site's colours are surprisingly not red, white, and blue; instead they've gone for black, red, and yellow. Win British has a wealth of games; slot games, casino, live casino, and even bingo are all offered here, with accompanying promotions to make things even...

  • Fever Slots

    From Jumpman Gaming, Fever Slots is a fiery, funky site offering tonnes of slot games. With all the major gaming giants included in the roster of software providers, the range on offer is of the highest quality. There are promotions alongside the games to take the fun even hotter.

  • Mr Play

    Playful, quirky, and unusual, Mr Play brings a refreshingly upbeat twist to online casino gaming. The site is light and airy, with a fun moustache logo that crops up around the site. Offering slots, casino, and sports, there is a variety here that will suit most players.

  • Dove Slots

    Jumpman Gaming site Dove Slots is a lovely, soothing site that is home to hundreds of fun slot games. The site’s colours are blue and silver, creating a nice style. The welcome offer is exciting, as is to be expected of a Jumpman site, and there are lots of promotions on offer too.

  • Lit Wins

    Lit Wins is an exciting and bright slot site offering tonnes of slots and casino games as well as promotions and more. The site comes from Jumpman Gaming, so it is guaranteed to be quality, and the games are certainly fun.