Best Slot Sites

December 2023

An introduction to Best Slot Sites by Slotso

Love slots? Of course you do! But how do you know which UK slots sites are the best? That’s easy- go through Slotso! We list only the very best slot sites on the UK market, so you can browse and enjoy some fantastic sites and games. See these sites’ current welcome offers and choose a new site to try.

List of Best Slot Sites online sites

  • Casushi
  • Cosmic Spins
  • Peachy Games
  • Fairground Slots
  • Wicked Jackpots
  • Amazon Slots
  • Moon Games
  • Karamba
  • Aztec Wins
  • Vegas Spins
  • Target Slots
  • Magical Vegas

Summing up Best Slot Sites by Slotso

What is the best online slot site in the UK?

What makes a slot site ‘good’ really depends on what you love when playing. Do you like bonus offers? A big games catalogue? Lots of live casino tables? Opinion varies so much on what makes a slot site great that it is difficult to choose a clear winner.

However, some things are common between all great slot sites. A well-built site that is easy to use is never going to harm a site’s reputation. Nor is fast and friendly customer service, a big choice of games, or an attractive welcome offer.

We think the sites listed here are the very best, and that is due to the great things we saw on the sites when we reviewed them. Try them out to find a favourite!

What is the best slot game?

With thousands of slot games available on UK sites, everyone has a favourite, but which is the best? Slot games vary hugely, from their theme to the way they play.

There are classic fruit machine slots with three reels, but you will find that most slots nowadays tend to go for five reels. Some slots have fancy video graphics, some have a tonne of bonus rounds or special features, and some don’t even operate like traditional slots at all! Rather than spinning reels, you may find slots that are spiral-shaped, slots that work on a grid, and slots that pay for clusters of symbols rather than a consecutive line.

Slots also pay differently. Some slots are ‘volatile’, which means that it is harder to get a win on them, but when you do, it is likely to be a far larger prize. Other slots are less volatile, and their wins tend to come little and often.

The trick to finding a great slot game is to find a game that fits your play style, with a theme that you like. If you love pandas, look for a site that offers the game ‘1000 Pandas’! Can’t get enough of tropical tiki fun? Try a game like ‘Tiki Mania’ or ‘Tiki Fruits’. There is a slot game for just about everything you can think of. Angry Vikings? Ancient Mesoamerican aliens? Rainbow-vomiting unicorns? Check, check, check.

Are online slot games fixed?

Are slot games a scam? That is the question that most slot players have asked themselves at some point, but what is the truth? Well, it turns out that slot fairness is something that is taken very seriously by the law.

All sites that allow UK players to join must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission- any site that lets UK players play and is not licensed by the UKGC is breaking the law. The UKGC regulate slot sites to ensure that they are fair, their games are legit, and their marketing practices are ethical. They check that the site is using a properly-vetted Random Number Generator on all their slots, so they are absolutely fair and not rigged.

This means that you can guarantee any site licensed by the UK Gambling Commission is fair and not a scam. However, if you choose to play at a site that is not licensed by the UKGC, that guarantee goes out the window. Unlicensed sites have been known to use pirated software and rigged games- the risk is definitely not worth it.

How do you win on online slots?

The thing everyone wants to know, but is there really a way to guarantee a win on an online slot? Everyone knows a guy who swears he has ‘figured out’ a slot machine, but the truth is a lot simpler and sadly, less exciting.

Slot machines work using something called a Random Number Generator (RNG). This spits out a random sequence of numbers with each spin that translates to where the reels land. Here’s the thing- RNGs are completely random. There is no pattern, no sequence. The RNG also has no memory capability, so the slot game has no idea what the previous result was; it doesn’t ‘remember’ whether you just had a win or a loss. This means that a slot that just paid out won’t necessarily go ‘cold’, and slot games don’t tighten or loosen for periods of time.

The good news is, you can pick slots that pay out in a way that suits your preference. Some slots pay out little and often, whereas wins on other slots are bigger but rarer. This is called slot volatility, and some sites even let you filter the slot catalogue based on this. Progressive jackpot slots are also available for players who want a shot at the big, big wins.

Which online slot sites are legit?

There are a lot of scam sites out there, so it is important to be sure you are safe when you play. If a site is accepting UK players, it must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The UKGC ensures that all its licensees are operating fairly and legally, and it can help in case of disputes. If a site is not licensed, you have no legal backing should you find yourself in dispute with the site, and you have no guarantee that the games are fair.

To check if a site is licensed by the UKGC, take a look at the bottom of its homepage. You should see the Gambling Commission logo, as well as some information on the license number. One or both of these will likely link through to the UKGC website, so you can see that the license is genuine.

Which online slot sites have low wagering?

Wagering requirements are something that have to be met for you to turn your bonus money into cash that you can withdraw. You have to wager (or bet) a certain amount to convert bonus to cash. The wagering requirement is usually written as “x5” or similar. This means you have to bet five times the amount of the original bonus for it to convert.

Wagering requirements can be a pain, and many players choose sites based on them. Lower wagering requirements are often popular with players who love bonus, and some sites offer cash-only promotions, so there are no wagering requirements at all.

A promotion’s wagering requirements are listed in its T&Cs; check here to get an idea of the wagering requirements on that site.

What is the most trusted online slot site?

Only sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission can legally allow players from the UK to join and play. UKGC-licensed sites are regularly tested and checked to ensure that they are fair and honest, and that their games are not rigged. They are also held to a high standard of ethics and honesty when it comes to their advertising.

You can also check site reviews to see which slot sites were reviewed positively. Slotso takes the time to check out each site we list to ensure they are up to our high standards! We also only list sites that are licensed to operate in the UK, so you can be sure they have been properly checked for fairness.

Can I play bingo on an online slots site?

Lots of online slots sites also offer bingo games. If you like to swap between games and spend some time daubing cards rather than spinning reels, this is great news for you! Take a look at the sites listed here to see which ones offer bingo as well as slots.

Can I play casino games on an online slots site?

Many slots sites have a collection of casino games and live casino tables alongside their slots. These are almost always listed in a separate section of the games catalogue so you can find them easily. Casino games like poker, blackjack, and roulette are most popular, and live tables can add that extra pinch of real-casino excitement.


Extra Information

  • Moon Games

    Moon Games is a space-themed slot site from 888. There are more than 600 slot games available including jackpot games and new slots, as well as plenty of exciting promotions and offers. New players will feel welcomed, and the helpful customer service team will ensure that existing players feel valued.

  • Target Slots

    Target Slots is a smart, sleek site from Jumpman Gaming. With a navy blue colour scheme and a cool minimalist theme, the site is great for players who don't like a lot of cartoons and fluff. There are hundreds of games on the site- slots, casino, and bingo are all available. There are promotions too!

  • Casushi

    Sushi-themed casino Casushi from Dazzletag is teeming with raw gaming entertainment. It’s got a quirky, offbeat sense of humour too, making this a fun casino to play on. Casushi is bright and colourful, and with so much to look at, it is a huge change from some of the more sombre casino sites.

  • Vegas Spins

    Roll up to the neon lights of Vegas Spins, a slot site themed after Sin City itself. With an exciting spin the wheel welcome offer, and 888’s huge games collection to play through, new players are sure to have a whale of a time at this dazzling site.

  • Fairground Slots

    Fairground Slots is a pink and purple site from Jumpman Gaming. It offers slot games, bingo, and casino games as well, meaning that a huge range of players will be catered to. The site’s theme is fairground, with a light, pastel colour scheme.

  • Karamba

    The Karamba Casino site is by ASG Technologies Ltd and began in 2005 as a Swedish online casino. Luckily for us, it now welcomes members from the UK and all across Europe and holds a United Kingdom Gambling Commission license. Karamba Casino is the place that slots fans like to party due to the abundance...